Environment & Society

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

North Energy ASA (North) is an industrial investment company exercising active ownership to promote profitable, sustainable and responsible businesses, driven by financial objectives and corporate responsibility. We are committed to contribute to the positive development of the society by operating responsible and with integrity, without compromising the interests of our owners.

The International Standards organisation, ISO, has prepared an international standard for social responsibility (ISO 26000) that provides guidelines for how organisations can act in a socially responsible manner in line with the requirements posed by society. North Energy’s guidelines for societal responsibility are in line with the recommendations in ISO 26000.

North Energy is committed to:

  • Looking after the interests of our stakeholders: owners, employees, business connections and the different societies we operate in.
  • Conducting corporate governance in accordance with Norwegian corporate law and the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance.
  • Having practices that ensure openness, anti-corruption and respect for human rights and standards for working life.
  • Operating responsibly and with integrity, such that we contribute to the positive development of the societies we are present in.

Health, safety and environment

North Energy is an investment company with no operating activities. The company’s direct negative impact on the environment, apart from work-related travel, is minimal. North Energy takes responsibility for the environment mostly through increasing awareness of environmental and social/societal outcomes and consequences of the portfolio companies’ activities. North Energy will be a good and secure workplace with a positive working environment.